Training Blitz 2021

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Published on 07 July 2021
Written by Mandy Cousins

Virtual Training Blitz 1


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Saturday Registration Links

8:00 am

Keynote: Past, Present, and Future; a Journey Through Time, The ever-changing face of EMS Register Now 

9:00 am 

Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence for Emergency Service Providers: Recognize, Respond to And Refer Victims Register Now

Difficult Deliveries and Difficult Deliveries Simulation (2 hr) Register Now 

10:00 am 

Street Medicine Register Now 
Strategies To Coordinate Overdose Prevention Efforts for Ems Register Now 

11:00 am 

Things Are Not Always as They Seem 2021 Register Now

Documenting Domestic Violence: Medical Evidence of Injuries, Case Record Documentation, And the Court Process Register Now

When the Golden Years Aren't so Golden: Geriatric Trauma Register Now   

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Saturday Registration Links cont...

12:00 pm 

"The Good, The Vad" And the Ugly" Prehospital Assessment And Treatment Of Lvad Patients  Register Now

The Unsalvageable Patient Register Now 

Collapsed Anatomy Register Now

1:00 pm

Elder Abuse for Emergency Medical Service Providers: How To Recognize, Respond To And Refer Late Life Adults Experiencing Abuse Or Neglect Register Now 

Patient Care Report (PCR) Documentation - It Is All In The Details! Register Now 

Provision of Rescue Medicine in the US&R Environment Register Now

2:00 pm 

The Lost Art of Splinting ( 1.5 hrs ) Register Now 

Overview And Prehospital Management of Traumatic Brain Injury Register Now 

3:00 pm 

Caring For the Community's Caregivers: Safety, Support, Wellness, And Resilience Strategies For Ems Teams And Team Members Register Now 

Pediatric Head Injuries and Fractures Register Now 

Preparing for International Disaster Medical Missions Register Now

4:00 pm  

Sepsis Management (2.5 hrs) Register Now

What To Do When You Get It Wrong-Service Recovery in Ems (2 hrs) Register Now 

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Sunday Registration Links 

8 am 

Understanding Trauma and Sexual Violence Register Now

Field Management of Head Injuries Register Now 

The Asylums Have Closed Register Now

9 am    

Video Laryngoscopy Basic to Bedside Register Now 

Multisystem Trauma: Rural Trauma Patient Assessment and Destination Register Now

Hand & Upper Extremity Trauma Register Now

10 am   

Shock Delivered? The AED Was Used, Now What? Register Now 

Common Poisoning Calls Register Now 

11 am

Will Someone Please Bag the Blue Guy? Register Now 

We All Learned to Spell PPE: Lessons from The Pandemic 2021 Register Now

What Do You Mean You Cannot Fly? There Isn’t a Cloud In The Sky! Register Now  

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Sunday Registration Links Cont...

12 pm

Field Management of Lower Extremity Injuries in the Athlete Register Now

Poison Center Influence in Prehospital Care and Treatment Register Now

The Intersection of Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence And Substance Use Disorder: What First Responders Need To Know Register Now 

1 pm

Understanding Human Trafficking Register Now

Situational Awareness for The Situationally Unaware Register Now

Prehospital Burn Management Register Now 

2 pm   

“Your Child Ate What?"....... Pediatric Exposures Register Now

Pediatric Toxicology Cases Register Now  

Management of Traumatic Cardiac Arrest Register Now 

3 pm

Getting STEMIs Right Register Now

Technology... Why Should I Care? - It Awareness for Public Safety Register Now 

Designing a Safer Ambulance Register Now

4 pm 

Pediatric Assessment and Recognition Of The Critically Ill Child Register Now

A-T-D (All Things Defibrillation) Register Now 

Airway on Fire Register Now

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