About Us

What is EMS?

Emergency Medical Services, or EMS, is a system of pre-hospital clinicians and first responders who respond to emergency 911 calls, accidents, disasters, acts of terrorism, and any other emergency endangering human life. EMS works in tandem with other public safety partners such as police and fire departments to protect the citizens living in the communities we serve.


All calls for Emergency Medical Services go through Butler County or Beaver County 911. The dispatcher will facilitate the flow of information between the caller and the EMS Crew and provide instructions prior to the arrival of the medical crew. 


In addition to being Cranberry Township’s officially designated 911 Emergency Medical Service, CTEMS is fulfilling its mission statement of promoting health and safety in our community through its multiple community programs. In 2019, CTEMS answered 4,012 calls for emergency medical service and transport.


CTEMS works closely with the many local police departments when providing emergency medical services. CTEMS also helps provide lifesaving training for Cranberry Township’s police department including CPR, Stop the bleed and others.


CTEMS provides onsite support to several local fire departments as well. Many fire emergencies result will also need emergency medical services. CTEMS partners with local fire departments to assist in providing lifesaving medical services until EMS personnel arrive on site. 

Who We Are

Cranberry Township EMS is a full-time, independent, professionally staffed nonprofit organization.

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Our mission is to preserve life and promote health and safety in our community.

This encompasses the immediate medical care of every individual, as well as the community as a whole, through emergency preparedness, disaster response, and planning for incidences of mass casualties.

Cranberry Township EMS is a full-time, independent, professionally staffed nonprofit organization.

However, we offer more unique programs than a standard EMS service. We also support the community through public health trainings like CPR, car seat safety checks, wellness checks, and more. To learn more about these services, please see our calendar of events.

We are financed by a combination of reimbursement from health insurance, direct patient billing, and charitable donations. As we are not a tax-funded organization, we can only continue to provide vital, life-saving services with the financial support of the community. Please consider donating.

Fast Facts

4,000 EMS Responses Every Year
50 Years of Service
At the Ready 24/7/365

Our History

We have been serving the Cranberry Township community since 1969 when the Volunteer Fire Company formed the Cranberry Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps. At this time, patient care was limited to pick up and rush transports to the nearest hospital. Through the years, the sophistication of patient care has expanded greatly, and prehospital care has transformed into what it is today: highly trained medical personnel capable of performing life-saving interventions and critical immediate medical care before reaching the hospital.

Throughout the years, CTEMS has grown with the needs of the community, shifting from an all-volunteer staff to a paid professional service of EMTs and Paramedics, with volunteers still on staff. In 2011, we officially became Cranberry Township Emergency Medical Services.

Our Leadership and Administrative Staff

CTEMS Leadership:

Matt Nickl

Matt Nickl

Executive Director

Chief Matt Nickl joined the public safety sector in 1996 and the emergency medical field in 2004. In 2007, Matt received his paramedic certification. Chief Nickl joined the CTEMS team in 2011 as a part-time paramedic. Matt worked his way up from paramedic to Crew Chief, Deputy Chief in 2019, and Executive Director/Chief in 2021.

Rich Jones

Rich Jones

Deputy Chief

Deputy Chief Jones entered the prehospital emergency medical field in 2007. In 2009, he received his paramedic certification from CCAC. He first joined CTEMS in 2010. In 2011 he left the department to pursue a career with Pittsburgh EMS as a paramedic, and later as Crew Chief. In 2022, when CTEMS posted the Deputy Chief position, he decided he could not pass up an opportunity to return to the department where he started his paramedic career.

Rachel Young

Rachel Young

Office Manager

Rachel Young is the Office Manager and started working for Cranberry Township EMS in February of 2020. Rachel graduated from Indiana State University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Mandy Cousins

Mandy Cousins

Outreach Coordinator

Mandy Cousins is an EMT with over 20 years of experience who has a passion for injury prevention and emergency response education. Mandy holds instructor certifications in Child Passenger Safety, First Aid and CPR and is an EMS Instructor. As the Outreach Coordinator Mandy enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.

CTEMS Board of Directors

  • Doug Lucas, Vice President
  • Rich Cashdollar, Treasurer
  • Dan Swayze, Secretary
  • Tim Holt, At Large
  • Allan Klapper, MD, At Large
  • Sheryle Long, At Large
  • Ed Ritz, At Large
  • Don Scelza, At Large

Service Areas

Our coverage areas include Cranberry Township, Seven Fields Borough, and the southeast portion of New Sewickley, from the PA Turnpike south along Brunner Road and straight down New Sewickley to Woodcroft Road.