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50 year of service

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To Preserve Life and Promote Health and Safety in our Community!

Cranberry Township Emergency Medical Service (CTEMS) has been serving the Cranberry Township community and its visitors since 1969 when the Volunteer Fire Company formed the Cranberry Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Over the past 50 years, as our community has grown and transformed, so too has prehospital Emergency Medical Services. When Cranberry Volunteer Ambulance Corps formed, patient care was limited to a scoop and rush to the nearest hospital. Through the years, patient care expanded, and prehospital care transformed into what it is today; a highly trained, professionally staffed medical service that performs life-saving interventions and critical immediate medical care before reaching the hospital.

Following suit of the changing field and the shift from an all-volunteer service to a combination of volunteers and paid EMTs and Paramedics Cranberry Township Volunteer Ambulance Corps officially became Cranberry Township Emergency Medical Services in 2011.

Cranberry Township EMS is a full-time, independent, professionally staffed nonprofit organization financed by a combination of insurance, direct patient billing, and charitable donations. We are not a tax-funded organization.

Our mission encompasses the immediate medical care of every individual in our community and the community as a whole through emergency preparedness, disaster response, and planning for incidences of mass casualties. Every day CTEMS faces new challenges in our mission.

CTEMS keeps the ambulances staffed and at the ready through a combination of billing for services rendered, insurance reimbursements, subscriptions, and the generosity of donations.

The financial demands to keep the service going has grown significantly over the years. Unfortunately, the insurance reimbursements have decreased, subscriptions are down, and government funding is disappearing, leaving us to "do more with less." We can only continue to provide this vital life-saving service with the financial support of the community.

To completely meet our mission and continue providing exceptional emergency services, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for assistance. Without the financial support of residents and business leaders, your EMS service may be unable to provide the most up-to-date, life-sustaining care an individual would want for themselves or their family members.



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